Nambour Mens Shed

Nambour Mens Shed has been proudly servicing the Nambour and greater Sunshine Coast community for the past 6 years. The shed is a place for men to be socially active and form new friendships in their lives.

Since Nambour Men’s Shed opened to the public in 2011, the Shed has been providing a safe place for everyone with the aim of building a community within the Shed. NMS encourages social interaction, friendliness and the benefits which come from being part of the  Shed community.

NMS assists members to improve their skills in the workshop by providing safety inductions and advice to get members comfortable in using the machines and workshop tools. NMS members can build anything that they want for themselves  or help out with Shed projects and community activities.

NMS has a management committee, elected by the Shed members every 2 years, and they are responsible for the day-to-day running of the shed as per the Management Handbook. NMS members pay an annual fee for the shed and also daily or weekly shed fees. The primary purpose of Shed Fees is to help support the cause of Nambour Mens Shed and to pay for insurance. Shed Fees enable financial members the privilege of utilising all equipment and the facilities at the shed.

Year Fee are $50 for New Member and $40 for Membership Renewal

Daily Fee is $5 a day or $10 a week